Worst Fears (2016) Free Movie Download

Release Date:
Runtime: 97 mins
Genres Horror
Actors Jill Freud, Alister Cameron, Flaminia Cinque, Nicola Cussons, Olegar Fedoro, Rebecca Santos, Holly De Jong, Ali Drissizouakke, Nabil Elouahabi, Fenella Fielding, Anthony Wise, Luis Castro, Emily Kirkpatrick, Emily Pennant-Rea, Celia Williams, Charles Davies, Chakir Denyaoui, Alva Semple, Badr al Moudan, Patrick Murphy, Andrew Powrie, Pauline Whitaker, Jane Evers, Anthony Falkingham, Sidi Scott, June Morell, Keith Claxton, David McGillivray, Danny Church, Rosie Alvarez

British horror anthology was written and produced by David McGillivray, who also introduces each tale. Including stories of witches and horrifying mysteries, the tales are: ‘Tincture of Vervain’, ‘Wednesday’, ‘In the Place of the Dead’, ‘Mrs. Davenport’s Throat’, ‘Child Number Four’, ‘After Image’ and ‘We’re Ready for You Now’.

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