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Release Date:
Runtime: 99 mins
Genres Drama Family History
Actors Chris Tashima, Kalama Epstein, Lisa Barnes, Brandon Marc Higa, Kyler Ki Sakamoto, Susan King, Benen Weir, Tom Holowach, Dann Seki, Howard Bishop, Shiro Kawai, Aidan James, Bryce Moore, Jess T. Johnston, Landon Richards, Nate Gyotoku, Una Wilding, Mina Kohara, Wayne Cordeiro, Kyle Malis, Richard K.C. Ching, Bobby Davison, Joy Minaai, Calli Amine, Liz Stone, Ming Kay Miyamoto, Jodee Sakamaki, Kristen Nemoto, Autumn Ogawa, Kayla Uchida

December 7, 1941 – On a Sunday morning, TOMIKAZU (TOMI) NAKAJI and his closest companion BILLY DAVIS are playing baseball in a field close to their homes in Hawaii when the Japanese dispatch a shock assault on Pearl Harbor. As Tomi finds and perceives the Blood-Red Sun token on the contender planes, he realizes that his life has changed for eternity. Before long, his father and granddad, both Japanese Americans, are captured and taken to internment camps. His mother loses her employment in light of the fact that she is Japanese. Despite the fact that Tomi feels scared and embarrassed of his local area, he is immediately compelled to turn into the man of the gang. “Under the Blood-Red Sun” is a life-changing story of strength, honor, survival and companionship.

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