Release Date: 31 August 2012
Runtime: 92 mins
Genres Horror Thriller
Actors Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Kyra Sedgwick, Natasha Calis, Madison Davenport, Matisyahu, Grant Show, Rob LaBelle, Nana Gbewonyo, Anna Hagan, Brenda Crichlow, Jay Brazeau, Iris Quinn, Graeme Duffy, David Hovan, Chris Shields, Adam Young, Jim Thorburn, Quinn Lord, Nimet Kanji, James O'Sullivan, Marilyn Norry, Armin Chaim Kornfeld, John Cassini, Josh Whyte, Greg Rogers, Agam Darshi, Jarett John, Timothy Paul Perez, Cameron Sprague, Jordan Stein

“The Possession” is a Serious Horror film about a possession of soul by the supernatural powers.It is among the best Horror films that were released on 2012. It is based on religious scholarship and some real facts that reside somewhere on earth.The story is about a box which is shut locked and contains dark powers in it.It is said it will possess those who will try to open this box. A young girl named Emily  played by Natasha Calis buys this box. Wmily has a sister named Hannah played by Madison Davenport. Both of them lives with their father Clyde whose character is played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.Cluyde has divorced his wife Stephanie played by Kyra Sedgwick.The two girls along with their Father has moved into a new House.The House has a new paint on its wall and all rooms are almost empty.Now Emily opens the box, after this she starts behaving in a strange manner. She starts disturbing her teachers and also her Father. She also tries to make her mother suspicious about her ex husband. The director of the film Ole Bornedal has gone all way long to give this movie all elements of an Horror Flick.One of the scariest scene in the movie is when we see alot of Moths. They are contained inside a box for many years. After watching things going out of control,Clyde consults a Jewish Professor about all this.Professor teaches basketball at the college.He was able to read the text written on the box. He also then consults the  Hasidic Jews community, but they distant themselves from this Dangerous matter.But one young boy come front to help them.What will happen next? To watch, download The Possession 2012 DVD RIP which we have added in the links below. To download free films in Horror genre , check our Horror Category section.Here you will find best Horror films in best quality free of cost.


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