Release Date: 21 September 2012
Runtime: 144 mins
Genres Drama
Actors Joaquin Phoenix, Price Carson, Mike Howard, Sarah Shoshana David, Bruce Goodchild, Matt Hering, Dan Anderson, Andrew Koponen, Jeffrey W. Jenkins, Patrick Wilder, Ryan Curtis, Jay Laurence, Abraxas Adams, Tina Bruna, Kevin Hudnell, Hunter Craig, Ryder Craig, Rodion Salnikov, Emily Gilliam, Kody Klein, Amy Ferguson, W. Earl Brown, Frank Bettag, Ariel Felix, Vladimir Velasco, John Mark Reyes, Brian Fong, Diane Cortejo, Leonida A. Bautista, Myrna De Dios

The Master is a 2012 Hollywood drama film. This movie is written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson. This film is based on the story of Freddie Quell (Phoenix), who is struggling in World War II veteran to adjust in a post-war society. Finally quell return back to his home from the unsettled war and uncertain of his future. During his fight he meets with the leader of a philosophical movement “The Cause”, Lancaster Dodd (Hoffman).  Freddie Quell likes “The Cause” moment and start travelling with Lancaster Dodd to spread the teachings along the East Coast. This film begun in June 2011 with a budget of $30 million, it was distributed by Weinstein Company and the movie is produced by Annapurna pictures and Ghoulardi Film Company. This drama and thriller movie is released on 12 September 2012. Initially the film set up but slowly it fells down due to its scripts and low budget. But it also wins some awards, as this film is nominated as Academy Award for the brilliant performances of Phoenix, Hoffman and Adams. Download The Master 2012 DVD Rip for free without any subscription. Now you can download free movies with good quality prints with fast downloading speed.


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