The Laughing Mask Free Movie Downloads

Release Date: 31 October 2014
Runtime: mins
Genres Horror Thriller
Actors Jermaine Adams, Arisia Aguiar, Jade Aguiar, Laura Bush, Manny Dortanieves, Flavia Falquetti, Matt Ganey, John Hardy, Jeffrey Gwyn Jenkins, Gabriel Lee, Tanita Love, Isis Masoud, Haley Mikenas, Amanda Millar, Rohnja Morrow, John Poteat, Fran Rafferty, Sheyenne Rivers, Gary Schadrie, Jason Small, Thomas Noel Smith, Shanna Staley, Courtney Taylor, Angela Trapp, Inge Uys, Terence Van Auken

After Jake Johnson’s Daughter was abducted and never discovered, his wife was all of a sudden killed by a Psychotic executioner. As the police search for hints and the body check starts to climb, Johnson will play an unsafe diversion with a specific end goal to retaliate for his wife’s passing and discover his girl.

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