Release Date: 4 September 2012
Runtime: mins
Genres Thriller
Actors Linus Roache, Derek Ting, Darren E. Scott, Kathy Uyen, Richard Ng, Eugene Kang, Kenneth Tsang, Chit-Man Chan, Michael Park, Bryan Tang, Roger De Leon, Paul Sheehan, Vivek Mahbubani, Rishaad Salamat, Desmond So, Eric Ng, Angelika Wong, Michael McGinty, Damon Howe, Kathlyn Tarwater, Neil Brown, Mary Linnane, Alan Dean, John McCormack, Michael Dorsher, John Dear, James G, Nick Jaeger, Alexa Maria, Natalie Murray

The movie starts from the description of Hong Kong. The Republic of China people signed an agreement with Britain that that capitalist system would not be change in the area for 50 years. Now Britain feeling that their former territory would be same. This movie is based on the promise between the Great Britain and the Republic China. Supercapitalist is a thriller movie of Hollywood. The star rating of this film is 4.3. It’s director is Simon Yin and screenplay writer is Derek Ting. It is featuring Darren E. Scott, Derek Ting and Linus Roache. Download Supercapitalist 2012 DVD Rip for free without any membership. Now you can get Free movies along their screenshot or trailer.

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