Release Date: 11 January 2013
Runtime: 90 mins
Genres Comedy Drama
Actors Rebel Wilson, Chris Colfer, Allison Janney, Scott Bailey, Donna Ann Ward, Amy Nabors, Benjamin Byram, Jonathan Byram, Frank Noel, Luke Lewis, Jenny Herrick, Dermot Mulroney, Polly Bergen, Adam Kolkin, Jay Malone, Roberto Aguire, Kyle Burch, Mikendra McCoy, Melissa Schwolow, Angela Kinsey, Ashley Rickards, Matt Prokop, Sarah Hyland, Allie Grant, Lauren Lopez, Graham Rogers, Robbie Amell, Carter Jenkins, Christina Hendricks, Sheku Kowai

Free Full Movie: Brian Dannelly directed Movie Struck by Lightning is an Teen Comedy and Drama Movie.It is featuring Chris Colfer, Rebel Wilson and Christina Hendricks in the lead roles.It is starring Glee actor Chris Colfer, who has also written the story for the film.In the story Colfer is playing the character of Carson Phillips.He is an ambitious and brilliant teen whose main aims in life is to become Editor in The new Yorker, to get Nobel Prize for Peace and to get himself published in The New York Times.Along with all this he also wants to win the the Pulitzer Prize for best Journalist.But first all he needs to get out of his town, ib order to achive his dreams.Thios can only be possible if he gets admission in Northwestern University. Carson starts an Litrary Magazine in his own school on the advice of her career Councillor.Before this he was running an Newspaper service in the school, which was an complete failure.Despite of all this he decides to start the Magazine.When he gets nobody from the school, interested in his magazine, he decides to start blackmailing his classmates in order to make them participate in his Magazine service.For blackmailing he uses his classmate’s dirty secrets.To uncover the secrets he is helped by his Looser article writer friend Malerie. Malerie’s character is played by Bridesmaid actress Rebel Wilson.For this purpose he starts with targeting a Cheerleader and some gay guys.Struck by Lightning is an nice teen flick.Colfer has played very good role as a central character.Christina Hendricks has played the supporting role in the movie.The movie is set to release in cinema in January 2013 but Struck by Lightning 2012 DVD RIP is available for download on our site.Subscribe to our site to download free films in great audio and video quality for free.


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