Release Date: 11 November 2012
Runtime: 90 mins
Genres Documentary
Actors Shaun Dooley, Liev Schreiber, Felix Baumgartner, Joe Kittinger

In this one-off documented, Area Leap informs the behind-the-scenes tale of Felix Baumgartner’s ancient, record-breaking freefall from the advantage of space to World. The world viewed with bated breathing when Felix became the first person to freefall through the audio hurdle on 15 Oct 2012, after getting from 128,100ft (24 miles) from the advantage of room. Area Leap functions video, which until now has been kept carefully under parcels, from camcorders connected to Felix, as he split through the audio hurdle. The documented follows Felix as he experienced decades of exercising under the careful eye of 82-year-old colonel Joe Kittinger, the man who set the unique history when he dropped 19 distance to World (102,000 feet) 50 decades ago, since which two men passed away in identical efforts. During Felix’s extreme actual exercising, the camcorders catch the basejumper as he battles to get over a serious claustrophic respond to the movement-restricting stress fit, and how the objective came near to aborting in the ultimate levels of the climb, and saw just how near Felix came to rotating and crumbling to unconsciousness during the jump. To watch more exciting documentary visit our site download movies.


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