Silent Hill: Revelation 3D 2012 DVD RIP

Release Date: 26 October 2012
Runtime: 95 mins
Genres Horror Mystery Thriller
Actors Adelaide Clemens, Kit Harington, Carrie-Anne Moss, Sean Bean, Radha Mitchell, Malcolm McDowell, Martin Donovan, Deborah Kara Unger, Roberto Campanella, Erin Pitt, Peter Outerbridge, Jefferson Brown, Milton Barnes, Heather Marks, Rachel Sellan, Roman Lebeau, Arlene Duncan, Jason Best, Chad Camilleri, Sergey Shpakovsky, Lawrence Dickison, James Kirchner, Jacky Lai, Tig Fong, Dean Copkov, Boyd Banks, Conrad Bergschneider, Darren Josephs, Peter Schoelier, Chris Anton

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is a sequel to the 2006 Silent Hill Movie.This movie series is inspired from the Hit Game of the same name.In this part,The young and beautiful Heather is very strange dreams while she and her father Harry just moved into a new home: she dreams of a small town for less worrisome, called Silent Hill. It will quickly realize that the city is anything but imaginary when an ancient prophecy catches up, she and her father, despite their precautions. And when his father is kidnapped by members of a cult at least obscure, the Order of Valtiel, she has no other choice but to return to Silent Hill in an attempt to deliver him.Enjoy Silent Hill: Revelation DVD RIP along with chips, beer and pizza while sitting with your friends and family at your home.You can also Download free full movie in Horror genre by checking our Horror Movie section.


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