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Release Date: 21 October 2014
Runtime: 74 mins
Genres Crime Horror Thriller
Actors Kim Kleemichen, Becky Byers, Vincent Kulish, J. Wright Chester, Theresa Davis, Tom Petrone, Bob Waters, Jordan Elizabeth Gelber, Wanda Nixon, Janice Rudolph, Samantha Kulish, Jessica Digirolamo, Ellen Krinick-Porto, Kimberley Lowden

Seniors play hooky from secondary school and get caught in a relinquished Psychiatric Facility celebrated for hauntings, witchcraft and evil ownership. A ‘through the viewpoint’s peculiarity like ‘The Curse of the Blair Witch’ or “Cloverfield.” ‘Play Hooky’ is a Found Film – Suspense/Thriller shot in REAL TIME.

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