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Release Date:
Runtime: 76 mins
Genres Drama
Actors Nick Sommer, Mathew Dunlop, Thaine H. Allison Jr., Dan Aho, Yolanda Allen, Suziey Block, Nick Calafati, Kelly Cunningham, Mark Escribano, Evan Ferrario, Eric Gerber, Erin Hammond, Victor J. Ho, Jason R. Hughes, Mark Johnson, Georgia Kirtland, Shaun Lagadi, Becky Lake, Sarah Luther, Robyn Marsh, Melinda Martin, Seth Allen Martin, Dimitri Morantus, Erin Murphy, Evan Murphy, Togba Norris, Katie Pease, Parisa Rezvani, Regina Rogers, Drew Rosas

A delightful film. Profoundly moving and unforeseen. The shrewd cinematography catches noteworthy and genuine exhibitions from Nick Sommer and Matthew Dunlop and the story investigates significant and testing subjects. Interesting and complex, this ardent film depicts the Pester’s, a group of exterminators, and subjects of enslavement, rot, and passing with astonishing compassion, clarity, and diversion. “Bother” renders a rich passionate scene that compasses from the most modest animals dashing in the earth to the broad desert sky. In spite of the fact that this is an introduce that could undoubtedly fit a dull and unsettling character think about the layered exhibitions, flawless timing, and considered perceptions give this story a feeling of disclosure. “Hassle” builds a world both new and resounding, frequenting and staggeringly delightful. This is a work that stay with you and requests to be viewed numerous times. Profoundly prescribed.

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