Nuclear Family 2012 DVD RIP

Release Date: 15 October 2012
Runtime: mins
Genres Sci-Fi
Actors Corin Nemec, Ray Wise, Danielle Harris, Kinsey Packard, Sharon Lawrence, Lee Arenberg, Pauline Cohn, Parker Croft, Cindy Vela, Jim Cody Williams, Jennifer Blanc, Michael Phillip Edwards, Joe Russell, Todd Bringewatt, Foster Moore, Van White, Gabriel Womack, Ryan Carlberg, E. Quincy Sloan, Lisa Renée, John Henbest, Chynna Merritt, Joseph S. Griffo, Mario Adractas, Woody Andrews, Bob Bancroft, Dave Bean, Robert Lee Bell, Sarah Butler, Dan Creed

Nuclear Family is a Movie with a great story line.It is a Sci Fi movie with an unique story line.It keeps the audience to keep guessing what will happen next in the story and how the characters will overcome the present situation.It consist of the things that can really happen in real life.The story begins with John and Lynn, a young couple.Both of them are looking for survival after an nuclear holocaust takes place.They have a 11-year-old daughter whose name is Pauline. All of them were on the move in order to survive the situation. They also had an 8 year old Boy whose name is Grant and he is missing somewhere in this situation.John and Lynn along with their daughter are searching for their child.They travel from one part to other in an disintegrated society.They also need to survive from a brutal group of people who kills people brutely , rape women and spreads pillage They are known by the name of Berserkers.Their search for their son and surviving from Berserkers, lead them to an new experience of life.Kyle Rankin has written and Directed this movie. You will see the performances given by Corin Nemec, Ray Wise and Danielle Harris in this film.The movie is filmed on the location of Topanga Canyon, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles and California.It is made under the production of Cocksure Entertainment. If you prefer to Download free movies from internet as compared to watching them in theaters, then you are at the right place. Here you can download movies in excellent quality as soon they are released.

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