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Release Date:
Runtime: 104 mins
Genres Drama Family
Actors Theresa Russell, Tina Alexis Allen, Michael Alban, Rachel St. Gelais, T. Paige Dalporto, Austin Jetton, Michael Meredith, Greg Harpold, Rick Roberts, Taylor Horst, Terry McConnaughey, Scott Carpenter, Ricardo Accurso, Helen Mary Ball, James Butcher, James Caniford, Lisa Gandee, John Halstead, Dennis Harrison, Alexandra Hewett, Tina Larson, Danielle H. Moore, Wyatt Payne, Debra Schultz, Dustin Tichenor, Lisa Trusty, Arlene Varney, Jeannie Young

Moving Mountains is the genuine story of one lady’s chivalrous battle to spare her group. She must beat the may of a billion dollar coal organization, the monstrous administrative administration that is resolved to ensuring it and the numerous challenges throughout her life. At the point when a coal mining operation causes the wells in her group to go dry Trish undertakes and this leads her into a battle with the most capable drives in her state. Trish Bragg begins as a house wife with no cash and little instruction however her huge heart and obstinate determination push her into a fight against overpowering chances. The aftereffects of this battle lead to notable changes in the way coal mining is carried out and drives Trish into the front line of the ecological battles our nation is as of now thinking about today. In view of the book Moving Mountains, this opportune story will touch your heart and raise your spirits. It is a story of trust, confidence and diligence that will stay with you long after the motion picture is over.

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