Lucky ( 2016 ) Free Movie Download

Release Date:
Runtime: 89 mins
Genres Action Crime Drama Thriller
Actors Natalia Zvereva, Alfredo Diaz, Pooya Mohseni, Sandra Trujillo, Andrea Kelly, Philip Schaefer, Bari Kang, Galla Borowski, Dawn Ressy, Tom Kelsey, Obaid Kadwani, Jose Claudio, Daniel Jordano, Jack Ferry, Nikki Delmonico, Douglas Stirling, Adam P. Murphy, Monica De Oliveira, Mona Depena, Melissa Ann Hardy, Anna Chitashvili, Demingo Graham, Farrah Tassy, A.C. Roe, Dan Paragon, Auxi Fernández, Nicole Lampon, Ian Tyler, Matteus Biz Meiterman, Ed Newman

Lucky (Bari Kang), an illegal immigrant living in New York, gets tangled up in the criminal underworld after he agrees to transport a car containing illicit goods to Atlantic City. Kang also wrote and directed


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