Release Date: 29 May 2014
Runtime: 84 mins
Genres Drama
Actors Louisa Krause, Libby Woodbridge, Roderick Hill, Will Brill, Jonny Orsini, Joey Auzenne, Aaron Cassara, Ash Christian, Beth Dzuricky, Ian Eaton, Ramsey Faragallah, Anthony Fazio, Peter Ferguson, Emily Fleischer, Betina Joly, Michael Kaycheck, Orien Longo, Anthony Lumia, Diana Masi, Andrew Mer, Patrick Murney, John F. O'Donnell, Jen Ponton, Joseph Reiver, Dion Sapp, Micah Stock

Kelly is a typical American stereotype girl. By midday she do stripteasing for their loyal worshipers,that is the first scene of the movie that you immediately or completely reject or retract fully into the movie, and same in the noon. Not to spoil the atmosphere, so it will take the lead in a very unfortunate situation, and even in danger.Story  is masterfully constructed and very intelligent. Apparently the director has done a nice job in directing this film. Whether you’re a fan of these films or not, Kelly King is a title that you need to look at. If nothing else, King Kelly will make you think about how much you are part of this love between the Internet and a camera on the phone. Mentioned Youtube generation rightfully gets almost no respect, and that is entirely their merit, because the world is watching exclusively through the screen of his smartphone, and still have absolutely voluntarily agreed to become human freaks whose only goal – to be on the screen. And the technology has reached such a level that absolutely everyone can make it on the screen, regardless of the talent and value, and society, such as it is, does the rest.King Kelly about just such people. It’s no masterpiece, and they will not remember it for life, but it is absolutely worth seeing. There will be a big hit at the box office because he is too honest and raw. In the end, many will want to watch it for fear that the principal character you do not recognize yourself.You can also watch this film for free by downloading King Kelly 2012 DVD RIP from our site which is most popular site to  download movies for free on internet in best rips, single files, fast speed, reliable and safe.

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