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Release Date: 27 May 2014
Runtime: 97 mins
Genres Drama
Actors Kim Trimbo, John Hoff, Alejandra Venancio, Eve Cohen, Felicia Sabartinelli, Peter J. Walters, Brandon Kruhm, Michael Haskins, Bree Holcombe, Sydney Wolff, Ella Cousino, Jennifer Kurtz, Bradley Wilkerson, Chloe Anderson, Chris Green, Claudia Amacher, Maru Garcia, John Hockley, Jonah Isaac Abrams, Matthew Allen, David Lasker, Michael Gertsen, Katie Gendill, Kimberly Wong, Elgin Cahill, Max, Greggory Bogëv Lodin

Set in the USA heartland after the 2008 monetary breakdown, an as of late separated suburban mother of two youngsters battles to clutch the American dream. Confronting home dispossession, a repressed and broken family, she has few open doors. Associations of family, companions, work and group are uncovered, and her father as family patriarch, confronts a particularly tormenting quest for recovery.

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