Humans Versus Zombies DVD RIP

Release Date:
Runtime: 93 mins
Genres Comedy Horror Sci-Fi Thriller
Actors Christine Bently, Cody Callahan, David Blackwell, Alex Chandler, Heather Child, Frederic Doss, David Harrod Jr., Chris Nolan, Derek Babb, Matthew Downs, Jonah Priour, Melissa Carnell, Rheagan Wallace, Jesse Ferraro, Taylor Kowald, Dora Madison, Chip Joslin, Pete Jessop, Lea Carroll, Bruce Kahn, Kirk Griffith, Ali Faulkner, Tom Young, Larry Jack Dotson, Jamey Whitley, Samuel Haun, Astrid Gentry, Jeff Close, Scott Sewell, Dia Hardeman

Humans Versus Zombies is an Horror, Comedy and Sci Fi movie in which lead roles are played by Dora Madison Burge, Frederic Doss and Melissa Carnell. The writer and director of this film is Brian T. Jaynes. It is a film based on the story of a game of the same name.In the story some students are on a vacation and there they gets infected by virus which gets transmitted to human to human.The infected students come back to their college where they infects the other students.Like this whole town comes under this virus attack.The a group of people from the town who has not been infected decide to fight against this virus and save themselves. Download free full movie Humans Versus Zombies in DVD RIP format for free from safe links given under the plot.


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