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Release Date: 13 September 2013
Runtime: 95 mins
Genres Comedy Drama Romance
Actors Miles Teller, Shailene Woodley, Brie Larson, Masam Holden, Dayo Okeniyi, Kyle Chandler, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Nicci Faires, Ava London, Whitney Goin, Andre Royo, Bob Odenkirk, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Levi Miller, E. Roger Mitchell, Kaitlyn Dever, Gary Weeks, Logan Mack, Valerie Payton, Christopher Nathan Miller, Tory Willis, Mike Hickman, Whitney Christopher, Wayne Dean, Doug Haley, Keith Silverstein, Alex D'Lerma, Dina Sherman, Karen Strassman, William j Barry

Sutter Keely is in the last year of high school, charming, self-confident, a great joker, the cool dog with which everyone would like to be friends. He lives in the here and now, the future does not interest him. Otherwise, he would also have to face his drinking problem. After his girlfriend left him, he pours to himself, wakes up on the grass and looks Aimee about you. She is different; the girl next door, the passionate science fiction read has no friend and dreams of a future. Unequal two people could not be, but it transmits. Download The Spectacular Now 2013 Movie Online with good audio and video quality. Now you can download free movies with in few minutes by sitting at your own home.A conventional film would be familiar routines unwound. He is the cool guy, they wallflower, but the needs here no awakening experience. It is inconspicuous, but not hated. He is cool, but not the most popular guy at school. Even in the characterization runs The Spectacular Now contrary to usual genre standards. What is initially a sweet, nice movie, acquired depth throughout its history? As Sutter and Aimee for the first time sleeping together – shown in an honest, authentic way that takes place far away from Hollywood clichés – changed the mood. You can see how Aimee fallen completely in Sutter, but also recognizes that he, the non-driven guy with no future and with a huge alcohol problem, is not good for them. Because he acts on them because he corrupted because he disparages their way. Unlike Sutter Aimee has a future. His future shows himself as he his father, a drinker encounters.

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