Release Date: 22 August 2014
Runtime: 83 mins
Genres Horror
Actors Shane Johnson, Ella Anderson, Cara Pifko, Krystal Alvarez, Tomas Arana, Luke Baines, Dale Dickey, Cullen Douglas, Michael Ray Escamilla, RJ Farrington, Patricia Healy, Tobias Jelinek, Shirley Jordan, Michael Lesly, Julie McNiven, Anna Mountford, Erika C. Perez, Stewart Skelton

Michael King (Shane Johnson), who doesn’t put stock in God or the Devil. Taking after the sudden demise of his wife, Michael chooses to make his next film about the quest for the presence of the powerful, making himself the focal point of the trial – permitting demonologists, warlocks, and different specialists of the mysterious to attempt the deepest and darkest spells and ceremonies they can discover on him – in the trusts that when they fizzle, he’ll unequivocally have evidence that religion, mysticism, and the paranormal are simply myth. In any case something does happen. An abhorrent and appalling energy has assumed control Michael King. What’s more it won’t let him go.


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