Release Date: 18 October 2012
Runtime: 100 mins
Genres Thriller
Actors Dieter Hallervorden, Peter Greene, Eric Roberts, Ben Becker, Christian Traeumer, Sunny Mabrey, Yvonne Maria Schäfer, Clemens Schick, Reiner Schöne, Luc Feit, Dieter Landuris, Julia Ubrankovics, Zsolt Bács, Daniela Ziegler, Lisa Hünnekens, Fanny Rocha Bayer, Emilie Hünnekens, Gerlinde Jänicke, Gustav Reutter, Romanus Fuhrmann, Dana Cebulla, Cornell Adams

The lawyer, Robert Stern reacts more than disbelief as his new client to him by his ex-girlfriend because angeschleppt than 10 years boy reveals that revealed to him on top of everything, to have been in a past life, a killer. But his unbelief is to pure horror as the boy Robert leads to a hidden corpse that has been dead for over 15 years. Nevertheless, like Robert the boy cannot make the reports to a mind returned to his former life, and he laid the case out. The Child is a thriller movie. The releasing date of this movie is 18 October 2012 in Germany. Its director is Zsolt Bacs. The screenplay writers are Brian Cordray and Zsolt Bacs. It is featuring Ben Becker, Christian Traeumer and Eric Roberts. Download The Child 2012 DVD Rip Movie with good downloading speed. If you are looking for free movies then download it from our website. It is fully secure website from any types of threats.The highly successful lawyer Robert Stern (Eric Roberts) no small surprise when his ex-girlfriend Carin (Sunny Mabrey) surprised him with his new client. In this there is, in fact the 10-year-old Simon Sachs (Christian dreamers). A young cancer patient who claims he had 15 years ago, some men killed. A therapist has done to him namely a return, in which the boy wants is reminiscent of a past life.And his memories the lawyer really can lead to a corpse that’s been dead for 15 years. Nevertheless, Stern would have nothing to do with this extraordinary case.On the same night, however, he gets a call from a mysterious person who threatens him that his former wife Sophie (Yvonne Maria Schaefer) harm. There is also evidence that his son is not really died at birth.Thus, he has no choice but to take this case but. Shortly after, he made ??together with Simon Carin and previous clients Andy Borchert (Ben Becker), a former porn producer, to investigate the mysterious murders.

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