Release Date: 10 January 2014
Runtime: 87 mins
Genres Horror Thriller
Actors Katia Winter, Ted Levine, Michael McMillian, Corey Moosa, Monique Candelaria, Jenny Gabrielle, Vivian Nesbitt, Chad Brummett, William Sterchi, Alex Gianopoulos, J.D. Garfield, Kevin Wiggins, Cyd Schulte, Tone Forrest, Maud de Proost, David Midthunder, Jerome L. Williams

It goes into the dirty traditional information of the infamous MK ULTRA, mind control, US army program of the 70s. It begins with Michael McMillan as Wayne Hirsch, the most loved higher education buddy of courageous writer, Anne Roland. He foolishly tests with a key govt medication – he got from buddies in Denver – and strangely vanishes while being shot. His new cameraman is delivered at the front side of the cops as primary suspicious, but within 48 hours he vanishes too. Download The Banshee Chapter 2013 Free Movie with good audio and video quality. Now you can download Free Movies with in few minutes by sitting at your own home. A mixture of literature and unrequited love obliges Roland to discover Hirsch’s body. Along the way she dupes reverse lifestyle throwback Johnson Blackburn into being her partner. He’s a Seeker S Thompson/Ted Nugent type insurgent writer: beverages too much, cigarette smoking too much, likes his weapons and walking canes his drugs. Terrible it’s still 1974 in his mind. Ted Levine revels in this insurgent without a cause part – a far cry from the cops and army types you’ll be used to seeing him play. Roland’s search goes fast.  She begins out with natural surprise and awe at the temerity of subsequent US govt authorities causing worry and worry in unaware human guinea hogs. She is then so far in she is incapable to stop lest she doesn’t discover out what occurred to her friend.

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