Release Date: 12 January 2015
Runtime: 90 mins
Genres Drama
Actors Norman Reedus, Naomi Watts, Matt Dillon, Tess Harper, Victoria Vodar, Nicolette Noble, Antoni Corone, Vivian Fleming-Alvarez, William Haze, Rachael Thompson, Janie Michele Simms, Andrea Preisler Crouch, Adrienne Lovette, Dayton Sinkia, Keith Hudson, Jannette Sepwa, Ward G. Smith, Charlotte Wilson Langley, Fernando Martinez, Arias Stanley, Yvonne Gougelet, Gabriel Alexander, Maureen Preuss, Fawad Siddiqui, Stephanie Ceballos, Nicole Paris Williams, Salem Murphy, Pedro Anaya Pérez, Fenix Lazzaroni, Kim Wyatt

Naomi Watts and Matt Dillon is a couple on the edge of everything: economic, social, cultural. The arrival of a child and the reappearance of an old flame she does escalate the situation. The American dream turned into tragedy has been for years, especially since the great crisis gripping the West, a theme dear to the filmmakers and Sunlight Jr. released in theaters on November, promises to be a powerful drama and well thought out. A steer Laurie Collyer, American director already known for Sherrybaby, movies Maggie Gyllenhaal received a Golden Globe nomination. Download Sunlight Jr. 2013 Movie Online without fill any sign up form also Download free full movies without any membership account. Starring Naomi Watts, one of the actresses listed last decade, fresh from the success of The Impossible and Matt Dillon, youth language myth of Hollywood 80s, then appannatosi in the 90s and finally resurrected in the new millennium with great performances in such films as Crash. She is Melissa, saleswoman in a supermarket who lives in a motel with him, Richie, his companion paraplegic and problems with alcohol. A story set in the squalid suburbs of Florida, welcomed the news of her pregnancy, but when everything seems to finally get the right way, a ghost from the past reappears, the former boyfriend of Melissa, Justin, played by Norman Reedus. Acclaimed latest edition of the Tribeca Film Festival in the States, Sunlight Jr. Has garnered critical acclaim for his ability to tell, once again, the story of an American company marginal, made ??of seedy motels, drugstore, drugs and resignation, where struggles, however, the seeds of hope and the love of a couple who despite a life on the edge of deprivation has the strength to believe in a better future.

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