Release Date: 22 July 2013
Runtime: 124 mins
Genres Documentary
Actors Bruce Springsteen, Mitchell A. S. Hallock, Koichi Murakami

Bruce Springsteen is much more than just an artist for his fans. With his music and his lyrics, he is one of them, a companion, and a friend, someone who occupies a special place in her life and loves quite a few of them. His fan base stretches across the globe, and can be very difficult to quantify. For me, the boss was always someone who had the right soundtrack ready for every situation in my life. What has changed since the eighties until today nothing? Download Springsteen & I 2013 Movie Online without any charges. Now you can download movies for free just on one single click. At Bruce can celebrate, laugh, dance, go to think and cry – and one never has the feeling that some part of him, any line of text is not honest. His unconditional authenticity is one of the keys to this interaction, which is hard to describe. One must experience it in a concert, or you just have to listen to the man simply. On 22 July was the world’s music documentary “Springsteen and I” in theaters. Of course it is about the life and music of this exceptional artist, but this is done in a very special observatory, namely from the perspective of his fans. They were asked to describe what connects them to the Boss and his music. Around 2,000 homemade videos were submitted, from which Baillie Walsh, a unique film about the man produced document that defined the rock music on his own personal way. ‘m happy I went to the cinema excited, but not full of exuberance. Two weeks ago, the first times I’ve witnessed a terrific Springsteen concert live.

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