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Release Date:
Runtime: 83 mins
Genres Mystery Thriller
Actors Annie Clark, Daniel Kash, Richard Clarkin, Steven Love, Alyssa Capriotti, Sarah Emes, Sonia Laplante, Megann McCandless

Single informs the tale of Gillian (Clark), a seventeen-year-old lady who is desperate to shift on from a traumatizing close relative’s disaster that happened a season before by getting a job as a camping consultant at a wonderful, at the same time separated camping. All is great until Gillian is informed by the camping innovator (Clarkin) that she must go on ‘solo’ start, such as investing two times alone on a distant isle, before becoming an formal consultant. Download Solo 2013 Free Movie without any registration. Download free full movies from direct downloading links without wasting your time. Before going on the journey, Gillian is informed by a number of her prospective co-workers of how a younger camper known as Janie vanished years ago on the very same isle and is said to be haunting it as well. During her ‘solo,’ a regional man known as Ray (Kash) and his dog reply to a problems contact that she did not make. A little bit weird, Gillian drives this occurrence aside until a scary experience happens that very evening and what was expected to be a fun success journey easily requires a convert for the more intense when something or someone begins following her, and from then on in Gillian must battle, use her senses and believe in no one to live.

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