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Release Date: 16 October 2014
Runtime: 94 mins
Genres Comedy Drama Romance
Actors Jack Huston, Brit Marling, Alexander Fehling, Lambert Wilson, Tom Schilling, Nikolai Kinski, Martin Stange, Fabian Stumm, Viviane Bartsch, Peer Martiny, Joost Siedhoff, Bogdan Tomassini-Buechner, Christoph Glaubacker, Isabelle Redfern, Harald Siebler, Rita Sonal Panjatan, Oleg Tikhomirov, Julie Trappett, Pamela Knaack, Morice Marcone, Taan Newjam, Roland Andraschko

Posthumous is a 2014 released Romantic Comedy movie directed by Lulu Wang. The movie has Jack Huston, Brit Marling, Lambert Wilson, Tom Schilling, and Alexander Fehling as lead role. The movie was released on 16 October 2014 and did a very good business over box office.

Liam Price (Jack Huston) is an artist who almost unknown to everybody. But his sudden death news makes him very popular and a very well-known artist. People across the world starts to love him as an artist. And when Liam Price comes to know that the news of his death made him so famous, he wishes to continue and interprets himself before everyone as Liam’s brother.

Story comes on a turn when a reporter enters into his life and wishes to know more about Liam. Liam (posing as his own brother) falls in love with the reporter meanwhile telling about his own experiences. The whole story revolves how an unknown artist gets an aim in his life to do something and how love changes him from zero to hero.


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