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Release Date: 1 July 2015
Runtime: 115 mins
Genres Comedy Drama Music
Actors Channing Tatum, Juan Piedrahita, Sharon Blackwood, Alison Faulk, Josh Diogo, Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nash, Gabriel Iglesias, Matt Bomer, Adam Rodriguez, Vicky Vox, Javier Madrid, Dashaun Wesley Williams, Carrie Anne Hunt, Crystal Hunt, Raeden Greer, Amber Heard, Lindsey Moser, Savannah Southern-Smith, Mel Chude, Stephen Boss, Jada Pinkett Smith, Luke Broadlick, Michael Strahan, Belle Eseoghene Omabele, Julia Black, Donald Glover, Kimberley Drummond, Judi Blair, Valerie Payton

3 years after left his life as a stripper, his own furniture company is running. He gets a call from Tarzan who tells Mike that Dallas is gone. Considering that his former leader has died, Mike drives to a resort only to discover that the staying Kings of Tampa, his buddies, are enjoying themselves in a pool party. After showing that Dallas has backed out on them to start a brand new show in Macau and only took The Child with him, the Kings allow Mike in on their plan: to stop their careers on a higher note by traveling to Myrtle Beach to get a tradition that is stripping.

Afterwards, while attempting at work, Mike overhears a tune he dancing to used to strip. Reinvigorated, Mike chooses to join them on their excursion. Driving in a fro-yo van possessed Tobias and by Tito, they choose to make their very first stop at Crazy Mary’s. Mike participates in amateur queen contest to demonstrate to Richie that he is ready to give to the trip. He is joined by others shortly after. Then they head down to a shore where Mike tries to work out his problems with Ken. The two after make up. Mike additionally meets a photographer named Zoe who tells him that she is headed for NY.

They flirt, but Mike determines not to pursue her. Back on the street, Mike proposes that their routine changes. They stop in a gas station where Richie is coerced by him into attempting to make the cashier grin with an improvised striptease that he successfully does. This inspires the others to abandon their former programs. Shortly after, Tobias, beneath the influence of MDMA, passes out crashes and while driving the van. Many people are left untouched away from Tobias who gets concussion. In the hospital study packing up and heading home, and the group starts to lose esprit de corps.

Mike subsequently shows that he is no longer dating Brooke after she declined his relationship proposal, and that his furniture business is not going that well. The group determines to continue on. To a Savannah strip club possessed by Rome whom Mike has a history with, Mike brings the group in search of a fresh emcee. He is unsuccessful in getting her to help them despite demonstrating to her that his skills have not deteriorated. Yet, she does give them a ride to their next drop by having a rapper/vocalist who works in the nightclub, Andre, drive them there.

A mansion is arrived in by the group. Tito tells them that she is anticipating them and he knows that the girl who resides there. The girl’s mom, Nancy along with Nancy’s buddies that are all middle aged girls walk in through the doorway, but greets them. The teasing of the group of Nancy initially makes them feel clumsy, but as the night goes on, the mood brightens. In this time, Mike and Zoe meet again. Zoe admits that another photographer hired her as his helper just so he could attempt to get with her, despite being wed. Mike encourages her to come to the convention to recover her grin.

Nancy enables a group to drive her ex husband automobile to Myrtle Beach after sleeping with Richie. They’re surprised to see Rome when they arrive. Rome, after having an alteration of heart, consents to be their emcee. She also brings along Malik and Andre to help. They head to the convention in the place where they manage to squeeze in a place thanks to Rome and her apparently intimate history with the coordinator of the event, Paris, with their preparations whole. The performance of the group is a success. During the performance of Malik and Mike, Mike brings Zoe on stage. The movie finishes in party, Tobias returns with fro-yo van and everyone seeing July 4th fireworks.

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