Release Date:
Runtime: 101 mins
Genres Drama
Actors Judy Greer, Liv Tyler, Morgan Saylor, Cameron Monaghan, Noah Silver, Madisen Beaty, Erin Wilhelmi, Ronen Rubinstein, Brett DelBuono, Lizzy DeClement, Nadia Alexander, Ryan Munzert, Maryann Urbano, Andrew Polk, Adrian Enscoe, Fred Tolliver Jr., Connor Antico, Jordyn DiNatale

In a stormy residential community, the assemblage of a teen named Jamie Marks is found by the waterway. Adam, the star of his crosscountry group, gets to be intrigued with Jamie-a kid no one truly knew or interfaced with, aside from periodically to spook him. At the point when Jamie’s phantom starts to seem both to Adam and Gracie, the colleague who found the body, Adam is gotten between two planets. He has a sprouting sentiment with Gracie, yet he likewise feels a profound association with Jamie, who brings him closer to the universe of the undead.


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