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Release Date: 18 August 2016
Runtime: 100 mins
Genres Drama
Actors Laura Aleman, Angelica Blandon, Angélica Aragón, Jose Angel Bichir, Alfredo De Quesada, Álvaro Benet, Luis Gonzaga, Mauro Mauad, Victor Hugo Trespalacios, Teresita Gomez, Luis Felipe Cortés, Carlos Serrato, Daniela Abad, Liseth Bitar, Fernando Montaño, Alvaro Rodriguez, Francisco Conchilla, Omar Gaviria, Néstore Guarino, Andres Monsalve Quintavani, José Robayo, Sergey Rudoy, Fernando Mendez

Based on the novel Fragments of Furtive Love of ctor Abad Faciolince, Colombian novelist Hé – itself inspired by the Thousand and One Nights – this is an extremely charged sexual story of seduction and destruction. Rodrigo and Susana are lovers. He’s a composer who’s still mourning the lack of his wife – also his muse – and not able to compose music. Susana seeks to unlock his creative block by telling stories of past loves to him, in titillating detail. He’s at first unwilling to listen, but he becomes solicited when they inspire the finest bits of his profession. From the casual road violence of the external world, these stories give a shelter for Susana.

Nevertheless, the fascination of Rodrigo leads him to blur the lines between fact and dream, and his fixation with the stories of Susana turns to envy that threatens to tear him and the fans apart. Eacute Ang&, oacute & lica Vapid, n as Aacute and José, & Susana, ngel Bichir is the ideal counterpoint is incandescent.


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