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Release Date: 26 February 2015
Runtime: 110 mins
Genres Drama
Actors Bruce Greenwood, Xavier Dolan, Catherine Keener, Carrie-Anne Moss, Gianna Corbisiero, Larry Day, Mark Donker, Colm Feore, Melody Godin-Cormier, Matt Holland, Alison Louder, Guy Nadon, Cindy Sampson

Elephant Song is a 2014 released Canadian Drama Movie directed by Charles Binamé. The movie is based on a stage play with same name by Nicolas Billon.

Movie features Bruce Greenwood, Xavier Dolan, Catherine Keener, Carrie-Anne Moss in lead roles.  The movie was first premiered in Toronto International Film Festival on 6 September 2014.

Toby Green (Bruce Greenwood) is interviewing Michael (Xavier Dolan) (a mentally disturbed young man, son of a Opera singer) and trying to get any clue regarding disappearance of his colleague Dr. Lawrence (Colm Feore).

But Green eventually finds himself getting trapped in Michael mind games.

Nurse Susan Peterson (Catherine Keener), warns him to keep distance from the patient but he insists her to keep herself out.

Michael during the interview discusses how his father once killed an elephant and how his father let her mother die instead calling ambulance and sang elephant song until she died on the floor.


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