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Release Date: 17 September 2013
Runtime: 73 mins
Genres Action Adventure Animation Comedy Fantasy
Actors Ed Skudder, Zack Keller, Eric Bauza, Ben Tuller, Shea Logsdon, Mike Nassar, Chad Quandt, Lauren K. Sokolov, Nicholas J. Ainsworth, Nick Keller, Brock Gallagher, John Dusenberry, Dave McElfatrick, Rob DenBleyker, Ashley Shelhon, David Haley, Brendan Haines, Thomas Ridgewell, Lynn Wang

Download Dick Figures The Movie 2013: This is animated Hollywood movie. Red and Blue are buddies. They’re just like me and you: they browse the internet, they perform video games, and they battle mega-huge-fire-breathing-dragon-turtles with samurai swords. Fairly common things. As our tale starts, Red is looking for the most awesome present in the world to give to his long-time Girlfriend Pink. Download Dick Figures The Movie 2013 without any membership account. Free Movie Download with good audio and video quality. Blue is broke. His best buddy Red is broke. If he doesn’t make an impression on Pink she is going to crack up with him. After being informed about a key value by an old Raccoon the two begin a globe-hopping journey through an Anime-filled Japan, over the sea in a WWII fighter plane and around the twisted sides of London in a small Western car. During their experience, Blue understands that Red was never really his friend and just stored him from bullies when they were children to make an impression on women. Now converted to opponents, the two battle Phantom Samurais, key providers and each other on their pursuit to find the Great Blade of Success and the relationship they never had.

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