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Release Date: 29 September 2015
Runtime: 91 mins
Genres Horror
Actors Obba Babatundé, Chico Benymon, Andrew Cappelletti, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister

An essential peace conference has been held in Britain wherein the British delegate Sir Andrew Boyd is born to make a ground breaking contract for the future of international relationships in Europe. Boyd gets to the convention center and is encompassed by crowds of photographers. Suddenly he starts acting strangely. In a confused way, he approaches the Conference room door and has a strong premonition that he’ll be killed upon entering the door. He refuses to enter and runs from place. Steed and Peel visit him and tell him to get some rest. Later, Boyd mount ring after he’s slept and tells him to drive very cautiously down the hill on how to visit him.

On the way the brakes of the vehicle Steed and Peel are in fail plus they fail safe in the woods. Whilst Peel has the vehicle attended to, Steed makes his way to Boyd where he needs a reason for how Boyd knew he was going to crash. Boyd implies he thinks he’s becoming psychic.

The following day on how to the conference, Boyd starts predicting events, from the button missing on the coat of the butler, and mentioning that he’ll see a lion before his death. Arriving at the rescheduled conference, Boyd again becomes confused, but flees this time before he enters the building and in doing this is killed by a passing vehicle. The last thing he sees is a lion mind statue on the wall of the path of the approaching building. Boyd is replaced by the younger Lord Melford who guarantees none of the nonsense which has just occurred.

Nevertheless, that night he’s a headache, including seeing 12 o clock on the clock, his bath room cabinet collapsing, a Friday the thirteenth calendar, a cut on the face of a co-employee, a broken down elevator, males dropping a box while getting away from a truck, a cyclist being run down by his vehicle, a handle coming off the briefcase, seeing a sinister looking foreigner before the Conference door, and lastly seeing a big chandelier falling upon his mind, killing him. The next day, each turn of events in his dream begins to be realized to the stage that as he approaches the conference room doorway and, like Boyd, he refuses to enter and leaves. He experiences a comparable dream the following night and informs Steed and is therefore some of his premonition that he’ll not attend the conference.

Peel and Steed inquire by being splashed with a pool from a passing automobile in the very time and following the journey they locate occasions in his second dream like the sound of machines firearms plus that Melford could have taken Melford could have approached the summit. Eventually Steed is interested to learn who the black looking guy is in his dream and Melford identifies him as Albert Becker, a representative of the Eastern Bloc and provides him his address. Steed visits with him and finds him training his rifle shooting, with fatal aim. When he requests new targets to be create by Steed, he fires it with a rock and stick killing the attacker as he approaches and starts firing at Steed who lodges a bullet in just one of the holes and conceals behind the shooting target area.

He locates the address of the warehouse in the cover of Becker. Peel locates it’s been tampered with and meanwhile inquires the broken down lift and follows it, subduing the offender and getting a label with the same warehouse address. Peel finds that most of the pieces experienced in the associates dreams are actually reality and finds that the warehouse features nothing, but props seen in the dreams, including the layout of the conference room and door and arrives in the warehouse first. It seems that the delegates programmed to scare them away from the convention and were drugged and brought to the warehouse in their slumber from the perpetrators to delay it for a number of reasons. Steed and peel Lord Melford bring to the warehouse and they understand that the affiliate with the plaster over the wound on his face should be in on the action, as they chew over the scenario. They also meet him just as he’s leaving the deserted convention as well as a battle ensues as well as a stray gunshot weakens the chandelier in the room through the battle and actually, the chandelier falls and kills the guy who’d dreamed up the program.

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