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Release Date: 13 March 2015
Runtime: 105 mins
Genres Drama Family Fantasy Romance
Actors Cate Blanchett, Lily James, Richard Madden, Helena Bonham Carter, Nonso Anozie, Stellan Skarsgård, Sophie McShera, Holliday Grainger, Derek Jacobi, Ben Chaplin, Hayley Atwell, Rob Brydon, Jana Perez, Alex Macqueen, Tom Edden, Gareth Mason, Paul Hunter, Eloise Webb, Joshua McGuire, Matthew Steer, Mimi Ndiweni, Laura Elsworthy, Ella Smith, Ann Davies, Gerard Horan, Katie West, Daniel Tuite, Anjana Vasan, Stuart Neal, Tomiwa Edun

Ella was born to parents of love on a lovely estate in a peaceful kingdom. Since youth, her mom to believe in magic, supporting her to befriend the animals on the estate, particularly the mice teaches Ella. Everything is perfect until the mom of Ella falls ill. On her deathbed, she requests Ella to constantly confront the problems of life with kindness and bravery. Some years after, trying to recapture more happy times, the dad of Ella remarries the widow of a classic friend, Lady Tremaine, who has two daughters of her very own! Anastasia and Drisella. Ella embraces her new stepfamily, regardless of the disagreeable dispositions that are stepsisters.

Lady Tremaine slowly shows her unkind and envious nature, as she drives Ella to give up her room to the stepsisters for the loft when Ella’s dad goes abroad for company. Ella life requires a turn for the worst when her dad dies throughout the excursion, driving most of the chores on Ella and causing Lady Tremaine to blow off the home to cut costs. One morning, when her stepfamily see Ella’s face covered in cinders due to Ella sleeping by the hearth for heat, they prohibit her from eating with them and mock Ella as Cinderella. Destroyed by their harshness, Ella rides off in the woods, where she meets a palace trainee who’s part of a hunting party, Kit.

Not understanding Kit is in fact crown prince in the kingdom, Ella pleads for the stag’s independence, and reproaches him for hunting the stag. Kit, enchanted by the kindness and outlook on life of Ella, consents to let the stag get free. Ella requires a liking of Kit. The two part without the name of Kit learning Ella, although not before both express their wishes to see one another again. The King, upon learning he’s little time left, advocates Kit that for the edge of the kingdom, carries a princess for the bride in the royal ball that is forthcoming.

Kit instead convinces his father to encourage every maiden that is eligible in expectation of seeing Ella, to the ball. The Tremaines are thrilled in the possibility of marrying into royalty when the ball is declared. Ella can be excited to attend the ball for the opportunity to see Apparel, and fixes her mom’s old pink dress when Lady Tremaine refuses to purchase her a brand new one up. On the night of the ball, Ella attempts to join his in-laws on the way outside, but Lady Tremaine, jointly with her daughters, ridicule and tear up the dress of Ella, then leave without her. Losing nerve, Ella meets an old beggar woman, who shows herself to be Ella’s fairy godmother and runs to the garden in tears. To assist Ella attending the ball, the fairy godmother magically transforms a pumpkin right into a gold carriage, four mice in white horse, lizards in two jacks, a goose to the coachman, and eventually Ella’s torn dress right into a stunning blue robe, complete with a set of magical glass slippers.Before sending Ella on her way, the fairy godmother throws a spell to maintain the stepfamily of Ella from recognizing her, and warns the magic is going to be broken at the last stroke of midnight. In the ball, the whole court is entranced by Ella, particularly Kit. Nervous, but happy to see each Kit, Ella and other carries on to really have a first dance that is perfect. As he’s sworn Princess Kit Chelin Zaragoza, Lady Tremaine overhears this irritates the Grand Duke. While surprised at Kit’s authentic identity, Ella still has a wonderful time with Kit, touring Kit’s secret garden and the palace property.

As Ella is about to tell her name to Kit, the clock starts striking as midnight approaches, pushing Ella to flee and inadvertently lose among her glass slipper on the stairs. Ella manages to get away at the last stroke of night as the fascination wears off, which causes Ella’s dress and the animals to go back to their initial state. After escaping the funny eyes of her stepfamily, Ella conceals the glass slipper that is leftover beneath the floorboards with her youth keepsakes, pretty content that her one night can be a lovely memory. The King passes away shortly after, although not before giving his son permission to wed Ella, having altered his mind in the ball because of his short meeting with Ella.

After becoming king, Kit sends out proclamation of his love and intent to wed the puzzle princess who wore glass slippers. Excited as she does him that Kit feels the same manner about her, Ella rushes to remember the glass slipper to establish her identity, only to discover her stepmother holding it. Having deduced that Ella is the puzzle princess, Lady Tremaine needs to be made mind of the royal household and good husbands as a state of giving Ella’s turn in relationship to Kit, for the stepsisters. When Ella refuses to set Kit under the thumb of Lady Tremaine the same manner she commanded her dad’s life, the slipper smashes and locks in Ella in the loft. Lady Tremaine has him consenting to make her a countess and beneficial partnerships for her daughters, in trade for maintaining Ella concealed, and subsequently chooses the smashed slipper to the Grand Duke. The Grand Duke attempts to persuade Kit to give up searching for the puzzle princess with the slipper that is smashed, however this only makes Kit guessing that the Grand Duke might know more about Ella’s location.

The Captain of the Guards as well as the Grand Duke lead the assignment to seek out the puzzle princess by attempting the leftover slipper on all the maidens in the country, but the magic slipper refuses to fit. When they arrive at the estate of Ella, the shoe fits none of the stepsisters. Ella sing Blue Lavender is heard by way of a window that the mice opened as they turn to leave. Among the guards is really Clothing in disguise, who then orders the Captain to research the origin of the sing, although the Grand Duke attempts to blow off this.

Lady Tremaine prohibits her from trying on the shoe on the reasons that she’s the mom of Ella once Ella is located. Ella never will be, and tells Lady Tremaine that she never has been, her mom, subsequently leaves the loft for the family room, where Kit is waiting. Kit and Ella are thus reunited. Ella is recognized by Kit before Ella attempts on the slipper, which suits her completely. Swearing to take one another as they’re, Kit and Ella leave the home as Ella offers forgiveness to her stepmother. Later, the stepfamily, with the Grand Duke of Ella, leave through the kingdom, never to come back. At last, Kit and Ella are wed. The Fairy Godmother narrates which they became the most beloved monarchs in the land, ruling with kindness and the same bravery that they lived happily ever after, and that Ella has assured her mom.


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