Release Date: 23 August 2013
Runtime: 98 mins
Genres Drama
Actors Cate Blanchett, Joy Carlin, Richard Conti, Glen Caspillo, Alec Baldwin, Charlie Tahan, Annie McNamara, Sally Hawkins, Daniel Jenks, Max Rutherford, Andrew Dice Clay, Tammy Blanchard, Kathy Tong, Ted Neustadt, Andrew Long, Laurena Allan, John Harrington Bland, Leslie Lyles, Glenn Fleshler, Brynn Thayer, Christopher Rubin, Emily Bergl, Barbara Garrick, Bobby Cannavale, Max Casella, Ali Fedotowsky, Michael Stuhlbarg, Dean Farwood, Alden Ehrenreich, Conor Kellicut

In films like Interiors and Hannah and Her Sisters, Woody Allen presented characters of the same family with very different personalities, even if they have lived under one roof in large part of their lives. Blue Jasmine begins with the reunion of two stepsisters and Woody Allen never outlined so clearly these family differences. Jasmine definitely does not appreciate its origins. One indication of this is in fact denying his Christian name, Jeanette. At all times, she relives episodes of its recent past as socialite and will be forever marked by her relationship with Hal a businessman who spent his leg in many people, even being unmasked. Download Blue Jasmine 2013 Movie Online with better audio and video quality prints. Download movies for free from our website without any membership or no need to create any account. The arrest of Hal caused the ruin of Jasmine, who now seeks shelter for her sister, Ginger and strives to free itself from the errors of her husband. Ginger calls itself sister with bad genes. He lives in a modest apartment in San Francisco with Chili a mechanic who loves unconditionally and shares custody of her two sons with ex-husband Augie. She is accustomed to a life without great prospects. Having children around, Chili marries and remains in his job as clerks of the market claims are sufficient to make her happy.

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