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Release Date: 25 May 2014
Runtime: 80 mins
Genres Mystery Thriller
Actors Andrew J. West, Emma Bell, Lenny Jacobson, Taylor Nichols, Jude Demorest, Andrew Howard, Brent Jennings, Juanita Jennings, Rich Manley, Samuel Munoz, Elea Oberon, Beatrice Rosen

Bipolar is a 2014 released American Mystery Thriller Movie directed by Jean Veber. The movie features Andrew J. West, Emma Bell, Lenny Jacobson, Taylor Nichols, Andrew Howard, Brent Jennings in lead roles.

Movie received mixed-comments, however most of them are negative.  It released in USA 25 th  May 2014.

Harry Poole (Andrew J. West) suffers from a bipolar disorder. He has tried several techniques/medicines to cure this disorder but unfortunately he every time ended with a failure.  He now thinks to give it another chance as Dr. Lanyon (Andrew Howard) has previously cured several other patients suffering from same disorder.

Dr. Lanyon has a drug, which he thinks that it cures the patient like Harry.  Under the video surveillance, the treatment has been started.  Harry soon starts getting positive results. He feels a new personally inside him, who is more charismatic and charming.

With his new ability, he successfully manages to seduce Anna (Emma Bell), the young nurse who looks after him.  Unfortunately, the Dr. Suddenly stops the clinical trial, thinking of something dangerous. Meanwhile, Anna gifts Harry a large supply of pills (which doctor discontinued).  Harry slowly surrenders himself to the medicine and the real battle for life begins.


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