Release Date: 7 November 2013
Runtime: 106 mins
Genres Action Adventure Drama
Actors Robert Redford

Deprived of any means of communication, a man has a sailboat sinking into the ocean after a storm. Alone on his lifeboat, exhausted, he tries at all costs to reach the mainland. During a solo voyage in the Indian Ocean aboard his yacht, a man wakes up and discovers that his ship’s hull was breached. With the navigation system and radio damaged, it drifts to a violent storm. Despite the fact that repairs his ship successfully, it barely survives the storm. Using a sextant and nautical charts to locate, he hopes that the ocean currents to move closer to a waterway. Download All Is Lost 2013 Full Movie without fill any sign up form. Download free movies online without create any premium account. With its reserves are depleted, the sailor must look death in the face. All is lost, by director J. C Chandor, starring Robert Redford. He is the only actor in the film. It knows nothing and knows nothing more about the main character. With only a monologue at the beginning of the film, the film is devoid of dialogue. In the monologue, he tells us that he has tried everything, done everything to survive. The film begins with the scene where he wakes up and sees that his boat is pierced. The film will detail we repair the boat, the storm arrives and the fight against its survival. As a sinking ship, all go from bad to worse for our marine. During the film, one is staring at the screen. One can’t help but feel sympathy for the character when it begins to be physically and emotionally affected by the situation. Robert Redford is quite believable in his role.

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