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Release Date: 28 November 2015
Runtime: 85 mins
Genres Comedy Romance
Actors Candace Cameron Bure, Paul Greene, Sarah Strange, Alisson Amigo, Mark Brandon, Casey Dubois, Kaj-Erik Eriksen, David Lewis, Mackenzie Mowat, Barbara Niven, Edwin Perez, Marcus Rosner, Ingrid Tesch, Andrea Ware, Nelson Wong

Radiant Bride magazine writer, Paige Summerland, boards a flight to New York City on her way to meet her wealthy soulmate fiancé, and future in laws. Her intimate confidence leaves her convinced that her forthcoming wedding to Jack Collins is destined to be as perfect as her picture perfect magazine articles and her vision board”, with photos reflecting her life goals. She sits next to Dylan MacKenzie, a cynical unromantic bartender who’s traveling to see his family for the very first time in 4 years, a reunion he’s not looking forward to. Because of a strong storm, their flight is routed in Buffalo, NY.

They take a shuttle bus to the Buffalo Airport Hotel, where she’s assigned an adjoining room next to Dylan. Convinced that the flight may soon be leaving to NY, Paige heads back to the international airport, where she befriends a couple, Frank and Maxine, whose twenty years relationship seems less than perfect. Sadly, the snow storm has turned north and totally closed down Buffalo for at least two days, making a perfect Christmas at the in laws look very unlikely. Dylan pulls up in a four wheel drive SUV and offers her, Maxine, and Frank ride on NY. As they make their way along the back roads of upstate NY, the snowstorm forces them to quit in a small town, where they spend their Christmas Eve at the Tannenbaum Inn.

Dylan Page and get to know each other and talk about Dylan’s former fiancé, e, who left him for his own brother. That night in a local pub, after Frank and Maxine rediscover their love for every other and take to the dance floor, Dylan invites Paige to dance, but she feels uncomfortable with her new found camaraderie with Dylan and walks away. Later they walk to the city heart, where she admits that while she dreamed all her life of investing the ideal Christmas with someone like Jack, this Christmas with Dylan really seem right, plus they kiss beneath the mistletoe.

Disturbed by her emotions Dylan, Paige left early the next morning to go hitchhiking alone with the truck driver, who requires her all the way to New York. Meanwhile, Dylan drives Frank and Maxine to their house in Connecticut, where Maxine reveals that Paige will be having dinner with her fiancé, and in laws at the Glen Rock Country Club. After returning to his mother’s house and reconciling with his brother and ex fiancé, Dylan drives to Glen Rock and delivers Paige’s vision board”, but includes a photo of Paige and Dylan together. Realizing that she’s in love with Dylan, she returns her engagement ring to Jack, and follows after Dylan. Sometime later, Dylan and Paige get to his mother loving home to spend Christmas together.


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