Curfew 2012 DVD Rip

Release Date:
Runtime: 19 mins
Genres Drama Short
Actors Fatima Ptacek, Shawn Christensen, Kim Allen, Dana Segal, Kirsten Holly Smith, Helga Athineos, Gino Patti, Emily Grace Buck, Mark Register

Richie is playing by Shawn Christensen, he is living at very low point of life. His estranged sister calls him and invites to her home. Actually she is going to somewhere and she wants Richie take care of her niece after her. She is just nine year old. Richie also wants to spend few hours with her. Curfew is a good drama movie which is full of entertainment. It was released in USA in January 2012. It has got very good rating from IMDb 7.9 out of 10. Main stars are Fatima Ptacek, Shawn Christensen, Kim Allen. The making budget of this movie is very low. Download Curfew 2012 DVD Rip for free without any premium account. Curfew full movie download for free with very fast downloading speed.


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