Crawlspace 2012 DVD RIP

Release Date: 12 November 2012
Runtime: 86 mins
Genres Horror Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller
Actors Eddie Baroo, Justin Batchelor, Nicholas Bell, John Brumpton, Steven Carroll, Amber Clayton, Ditch Davey, Ngaire Dawn Fair, David Hankin, Fletcher Humphrys, Elise Jansen, Samuel Johnson, Bridget Neval, Amos Phillips, Peta Sergeant, Leslie Simpson, David Whiteley

The terror created by the hand of man, comes from the farthest and deep corner.Since time immemorial, man has experimented with all kinds of weapons, objects, animals, and even other humans to carry out the ultimate weapon. The Nazis were a clear example of this. From the experiments more absurd and implausible, even to the atomic bomb. Today, although we have the most advanced methods of information on the subject of technology, government and military, civilians are really blind. We could not imagine how far reaching technological advances and experiments in the military. Sometimes under the guise of reducing human casualties, others by simple greed. But sometimes some of these experiments do not go as scientists expect, and when this happens you can end up triggering genuine disasters, terrifying madness that we can not even imagine.A group of elite forces are alerted, as a secret base of operations in the middle of the Australian desert has issued a distress call and put in forty. Upon arrival at the resort are ordered to kill all the escaped prisoners who used to experience. In the miles and miles of underground tunnels is about to experience a real living hell. These prisoners are not ordinary people as expected.Filmed in just 23 days and with a minimal budget, the renowned visual effects expert Justin Dix, debuts as a director with Crawlspace. Magnifico Australian debut, who also wrote the screenplay, produced and is responsible for the special effects, how could it be otherwise. Although the script at first seems a crude copy taken from Aliens. Even among the narrow tunnels find a true femme fatale, as in James Cameron’s film. That if to half of the film, making a 180 º to separate from the above and create an atmosphere less terrifying and directed along the paths of pure sci-fi. A good script a prior, but just a little diluted because of a slightly accelerated pace and a rather complex plot.As for the performances, I will point out to anyone, I can simply say that they are correct and meet at any time without overacting. The best thing is definitely the atmosphere, as we mentioned before these narrow passageways will eventually cause us real claustrophobia.We had the luck and pleasure to attend during the Sitges Festival 2012 at its world premiere, the first pass of the same is done for the public. A sci-fi terrifying and claustrophobic despite its pace somewhat thick we love it. For fans of sci-fi and horror is required visionary class will enjoy as much. From the links below you can download Crawlspace 2012 DVD RIP for free. Browse our Thriller section to have more movie download free of cost.

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