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Release Date:
Runtime: mins
Genres Comedy
Actors Lauren Lapkus, Eric Lange, Bobby Moynihan, Harry Groener, Bill Watterson, Micah Hauptman, Dawn Didawick, Christine Weatherup, Tiffany L. Gray, Liz Manashil, Sean Wright, Katie Cofield, Paul Stanko, Craig Peck, Ali Scher, Kevin Taft, Robert Panico, Rachel Staman, Olivia Choate, John Conway, David Chen, Lindsay Morrison, Jonathan Langager, Catherine Owens, Cat Youell, Min Zhang, John Nordlinger, Pedro Lemos, Lisa Coombs, Joan Kubicek

Bread and Butter is a tale about Amelia (30), a charming nonconformist and virgin, who begins to be sought after by two men in the meantime. One man is attempting frantically to keep control of his life while alternate grasps Crazy. Amidst all the sentimental disarray, Amelia needs to manage her erratic manager, a holistic mentor named Dr. Wellburn, and her tyrannical folks. Bread and Butter expects to be a character investigation of one hypochondriac, sexually unpracticed young lady being tossed into the gauntlet of sentimental interest.

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