Release Date: 31 October 2014
Runtime: mins
Genres Horror
Actors Felissa Rose, Jonathan Tiersten, Maximo Gianfranco Sorrentino, Hannah Landberg, Ian Lyons, Johnny Alicea, Mark Anthony Del Negro, Jessica Mazo, Lorrie Bacon, John J Thomassen, Nathaniel Sylva, Robin Biets, Carla Cosenzi, Edem Kwakumey, Andi Balser, Chase Cavalera, Tom Jorgensen, Kleada Cane, Dyland Galland, Rachael Gazda, Matthew Gagnon, Dagan Diaz, Ashley Gladden, John T. Del Negro, Anthony Andruss, Robert Renaud, Cheryl A. Hayes

Mark Anthony Del Negro is the executive screenwriter and the general constrain behind Blood Reservoir. He set up everything together with a standard ghastliness story, some prepared entertainers with involvement in movies of trepidation, and some fascinating areas in Western Massachusetts.

Not very astonishing we get to watch a gathering of adolescent people who are going for an outdoors trek in land that has a cautioning not to enter. Blood Reservoir is on that illegal property. The name is said to have come in regards to in view of a history of abnormal passings at the site. The campers are out for sentiment at first glance yet some of them are dead set to hunt down an old concealed Indian treasurer.

At an early stage we watch a nearby Mayor from the past killing a young person he has fathered a kid with, it is not clear how that scene fits in with the present time at Blood Reservoir. At the same time toward the starting we watch a young person head into the chilly water during the evening and rapidly start to call for help as a mist fills the water around her.

From that point its all extremely standard, each of the characters are picked off by characters who don’t seem to have inspiration to butcher yet overwhelmingly tackle the assignment with stones, and blades until the end.

This is Del Negro’s first film and he may think once again at this as one watches their portrait in an old secondary school year book. Did I truly resemble that?

His star Felissa Rose has involvement in phlebotomy movies keeping in mind she looks a bit perilous now and again she shows up on the verge of excessively appealing and normal for the aggregate extent of her character Angela Stone. The Sheriff (Maximo Gianfranco Sorrentino) has some trouble showing himself as the rule that everyone must follow in the district where Blood Reservoir exists. The two young people Hannah Landberg and Jessica Mazo look extraordinary as is typical for this style of film however their lines seem, by all accounts, to be exceptionally straightforward and incapable.

The music is tense and viable by Kevin Macleod and Red Sky Mary and the dim scene toward the starting with a young lady in the water feels like Jaws.

Pumpkin Jack is alluded to and shows up toward the end to start the frequent done with achievement we could see him once more.

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