A Dark Truth DVD RIP

Release Date: 6 September 2013
Runtime: 106 mins
Genres Action Thriller
Actors Lloyd Adams, Alfredo Álvarez Calderón, Josh Bainbridge, Danielle Baker, Steven Bauer, Devon Bostick, Sarah Bryant, Clint Carleton, Rod Carley, Colby Chartrand, Eugene Clark, Kim Coates, Jorge Contreras, Lara Daans, Elias Caamaño Perez, Peter DaCunha, Drew Davis, Millie Davis, Jose Dimayuga, Solly Duran, Kevin Durand, Lucky Onyekachi Ejim, David Ferry, Andy Garcia, Joel Harris, Roberto Jaramillo, Arcadia Kendal, Claudette Lalí, Allegra Fulton, Damian Lee

A Dark Truth is year 2012’s Action and Thriller Movie featuring Hollywood stars Kim Coates, Forest Whitaker and Kevin Durand. It is written and directed by Damian Lee.It will be released in the month of January 2013 but its DVD RIP have been out. The story revolves around an Retired C.I.A officer who is now hosting a Political chat show.He is then offered a job by an whistle blower who want to take out the truth about massacre carried out by his company in South America Village. You can Download movies for free in your favorite category  in  high definition by browsing the category page, where all films are listed in perfect manner.


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